Call for scholarships and projects: results

 Next Executive Committee’s meeting will take place on March 7th, 2014, between 9.30am and 12.30pm, at the headquarter of the Fondation de France.


In June 2013:

1 scholarship was awarded to: 

  • Mr Raphaël SZALAT, Doctor, currently Deputy Clinical Chief Assistant within theImmuno-Hématology department of Hospital Saint-Louis in Paris, to do an internship at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute of Boston, USA, in the laboratory of Dr Nikhil MUNSHI.The purpose is to study the myeloma genomic instability’s mechanisms with translocation Myeloma (4,14) as a model.

2 financings were awarded to the following projects:

  • Mrs Catherine PELLAT-DECEUNYNCK, CNRS Research Director, working at Health Research Institute from Nantes University, for the purposes of studying « voie p53″ anomalies in cells affected by Myeloma; and
  • Mrs Jill CORRE, Senior Lecturer -Hospital Practitioner at the Hospital ofToulouse, for the purposes of developing a  » murin  » model to evaluate micro-environment role in Myeloma development.


In November 2012:

1 scholarship was awarded to:

  • Mr Cyrille TOUZEAU, junior doctor, Intern in the Haematology Department at the CHU de Nantes (Nantes university hospital), to carry out a science thesis work dedicated to the study of therapies targeting the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis in Multiple Myeloma at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute – Harvard University – Boston (USA) led by Dr Anthony Letai in collaboration with the team of Dr Kenneth Anderson.

3 financings were awarded to the following projetcs:

  • Miss Stéphanie POULAIN, Hospital Practitioner in charge of the Molecular Biology Department at the Centre Hospitalier de Valenciennes (Valenciennes Hospital), for the purposes of a project entitled « Sequential Genomic Profiling by Targeted Resequencing in Waldenström’s Macroglobulinaemia », in collaboration with the Institut de Recherche contre le Cancer de Lille (Lille cancer research institute) (Dr X. Leleu) and the Haematology laboratory at the CHRU de Lille (Lille University Hospital).
  • Mr Charles DUMONTET, Professor of Haematology at the Université/Hospices Civils de Lyon (Lyon university hospital network), to finalise the project entitled « Research into Factors of Genetic Predisposition to Familial Dysglobulinaemia », started in 2006 with the help of institutional support (PHRC (hospital clinical research programme) then funding from the INCA – French national cancer institute)) and benefiting from the participation of most French centres which treat gammopathies.
  • Mr Bertrand ARNULF, Senior Lecturer in Immunology at Paris VII university– Hospital Practitioner at Hôpital Saint-Louis in Paris, for the purposes of a project entitled « Characterisation of Molecular Events Associated with Misdiagnosis of Patients with Myeloma t (4 ; 14) », within the Equipe d’Accueil 3963 de l’Institut Universitaire d’Hématologie de l’Hôpital Saint-Louis (Research team 3963 at the Hôpital Saint-Louis University Institute of Haematology) (Dr J.C. Bories), in collaboration with the central laboratory of the same hospital (Prof. J. Soulier).


In June 2012:

3 scholarships were awarded to:

  • Miss Eileen BOYLE, junior doctor, Lille, to carry out her year 2 master’s in Professor G.J. Morgan’s laboratory, ICR (Institute of Cancer Research), London.
  • Mr Maxime HALLIEZ, junior doctor in Medical Biology, Nantes, to carry out his year 2 master’s in Dr Martine Amiot’s laboratory, INSERM (French national institute for health and medical research), Nantes.
  • Mr Hai Vu NGUYEN, research scientist at the IFR (federative research institute), Paris-Saint-Louis, for a postdoctoral position in Professor F. Alt’s laboratory, Harvard Medical School, Boston.