Dear Sir or Madam,

FFRMG is the first and only French foundation specifically devoted to the study of myeloma and gammopathies. It aims in particular to promote research that increases our understanding of the mechanisms underlying these diseases. It is also innovatory in that it prioritizes the training of successive generations by providing preferential support to mobility and exchange programmes for young scientists. Through these objectives, it is our ambition to make a decisive contribution to the quality of life and life expectancy of affected patients.

It can only achieve its goals through your generosity. Through its relationship with the Fondation de France, the FFRMG benefits from the former’s expertise in supporting research, while also providing its donors with the best conditions and the guarantee that their donations will be used in a rigorous and optimal manner.

By contributing to our cause, you will be supporting values that are essential for the future. Thank you for your support.

The founding members and the entire board of the FFRMG.