Since 1969, the Fondation de France has been supporting tangible innovative projects that meet the needs of people faced with the problems of a rapidly changing society.


It is active in three major fields: helping vulnerable individuals, developing knowledge, and the environment. It also encourages the development of philanthropy.


It helps donors select the best projects and advises those setting up foundations on their field of activity and strategy, and on the most suitable legal and fiscal framework. The Fondation de France is a private, independent organization that receives no public funding and its work is only possible through the generosity of donors.


  • To bring together donors, patrons and those working on the ground so that philanthropic projects can become reality.


  • We raise and manage funds, and provide expertise in allocating donations to high-priority causes.
  • We set up and support the operation of funds and foundations created under the aegis of the Fondation de France.
  • We encourage generosity abroad by receiving and allocating transnational donations.


  • We select the best projects throughout France and the countries where we work, placing the individual at the centre of our actions, encouraging dignity and autonomy and allowing individuals to play an active role in their own life.
  • We award grants, prizes and scholarships.
  • We provide advice and support to patrons.


- Independence
- Responsibility
- Commitment
- Audacity
- Quality


  • 573 000 donors*
  • 682 funds and individual foundations under our aegis
  • 127 million euros spent on the selection, allocation and supervision of
    8,000 grants, prizes and scholarships
  • 7 regional delegations
  • 150 employees and 506 volunteers


* active donors over a 4-year period